Eisteddfods are a great  opportunity for Teachers and Students to showcase their talents against other Dance Schools. We enter Tap, Jazz , Contemporary and Ballet items.

To enter an eisteddfod group you would need to attend the eisteddfod classes. This is different from the technique class and is a compulsory class for eisteddfod students.

Technique class is where you learn how to dance and Eisteddfod class is where performance and stage craft is explored.

Solo , Duo Trio and Group items are offered to our students
It is assumed that all Students will participate in Eisteddfods. All Students will be given fair warning regarding dates /times of Eisteddfods.
Parents and Carers should check the Dance Star newsletter regularly for updates. If for any reason you are unable to participate please contact Anne directly either in person or via email: ballmus@hotmail.com or anne@dancestar.net.au
Dance Star pays all Eisteddfod entry fees upfront. These costs are to be reimbursed to Dance Star
In the case of a troupe member pulling out, these costs are still applicable. In the case of a troupe member pulling out and the rest of the troupe not being able to perform, this member is liable for the whole entry fee(s).
Students wishing to perform in Eisteddfods will join the Performance Class . Eisteddfod Contemporary Performance class is only for students studying both ballet and Contemporary . Technique is a major factor in Performance classes
All performace/eisteddfod students must purchase a Dance Star Hoodie as part of the uniform when attending Eisteddfod or performance gigs,

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