adults dancing



Adult Ballet  

Intermediate Level Plus

Monday 7.00pm -8.30pm 

Friday   5.00pm -6.30pm

Did you  dance when you were younger and now want  to recapture that lovely feeling?
Never danced before and always wanted to learn?
Do you have a passion for music?
A delightful way to stay fit and healthy, it’s time to go to the barre!
In a  relaxed atmosphere, welcoming everyone, no matter how little experience  you have, you will find a class for you.
Dance Star has  classes to get you moving and feeling great. Afraid that you have two left feet , well untangle them…- dancing improves co-ordination so the  two left feet will be history. Dancing   strengthens bones and lengthens muscles, tones your entire body, improves posture and balance, increases stamina and flexibility, reduces stress and tension and builds confidence.
Ever dreamed of taking ballet classes but feel like it’s too late?  Good news! It is never too late to learn ballet and put on those ballet slippers.  This art form is a very beautiful way to tone and strengthen your body and enjoy classical music as you discover the art of ballet and how  it unfolds behind the scenes of its technique.

  • Adult Tap 

  •   Monday  6pm -7pm  

 Tap offers an element of aural training to your Dancing Studies.
Distinguished by percussive footwork, that marks out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor.
Some descriptive step names are brush, flap, shuffle, ball change, and. cramp roll.
Tap dancers make frequent use of syncopation. Choreography typically starts on the eighth or first beatcount. Another aspect of tap dancing is improvisation. This can either be done with music and follow the beats provided or without musical accompaniment, also known as acappella dancing

  •  Contemporary  

  • Monday 5pm -6 pm 

  • Liberation of movement, untangle yourself!!

  • Stretch & Conditioning

Monday 4.30pm – 5.00pm

Live Life with agility to benefit from its returns.

Take 30 mins to unwind stress and gain flexibility